Tips for Better Scanning: Machine Maintenance

printer maintenance

Unless you have a standalone scanner, chances are you are relying on a multifunction machine to help you turn physical documents into digital files--and that's great! Multifunction devices are an excellent choice for all your scanning needs. However, to keep doing their job, these devices do need a little bit of simple maintenance--so here's what you can to do.

Healthy Machines = Simple Scanning

It's important to remember that, even though it can sometimes feel like it, your machines aren't purposely working against you. When problems do occur, it's usually due to a small problem that can be solved in a few easy steps. It's important to remember that healthy, happy devices make it much easier to scan perfectly and painlessly. The best news is that machine maintenance doesn't have to be a struggle.

Here are a few tips to keep your multifunction devices fit for excellent scanning!

Real-World Benefits of Electronic Document Management

Benefits of document management

Just because something happens on a screen doesn't mean it can't have real-world benefits. Take, for example, electronic document management--which, by utilizing online tools and scanning solutions, can help you overcome the limitations of paper and boost efficiency, security, and cost savings. Sound too good to be true? Let's take a look at the real-world benefits of electronic document management!

Paper vs. Digital

Many companies hesitate to make the switch to electronic document management because they've been using paper for so long that they don't feel entirely confident doing anything else. That's okay! It's important to remember that paper isn't the enemy; all you have to do is change your relationship with paper so that you're only using it when absolutely necessary. For everything else, there's electronic document management.

Putting Print Solutions to Work

print solutions

The great thing about print solutions like managed print is that they don't require constant babysitting--as in, you can set them in motion and then relax a little bit. However, if you don't know precisely how to implement them, so they work for you, it's possible that you could be missing out on all kinds of benefits. Let's take a closer look!

Focusing on Managed Print

Let's say that you're looking for a simple, effective way to control printing costs, limit security issues, and streamline your workflows. You would probably turn to managed print--and that's a great choice. Managed print helps you do all those things and more, finding solutions that fit perfectly into your environment.

Who Can Benefit From Print Management?

office printer

When it comes to print management, many companies have one big question: who can benefit from this solution? The truth is that every business benefits from print management. To prove it, here's a look at some vastly different industries making great use of the solution.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Print management is just one solution, but that doesn't mean it's "one size fits all." Instead, print management scales to fit each industry and company in unique and personalized ways--which means that it never looks the same twice. In some businesses, print management might look like a few well-organized file cabinets and one reliable printer. For others, it might seem like a whole fleet of multifunction machines with a completely digital storage process and numerous mobile devices. It all depends on you and your needs!

Re-focus Business Resolutions with Scanning Solutions


We're at that point when New Year's resolutions tend to lose their sheen and fade into the background--forgotten or overlooked or just plain abandoned. However, if you're looking for a way to re-focus your company's resolutions and keep making progress, then scanning is just the solution you need.

Why Scanning?

In a world full of business solutions, why should you choose to start scanning? Well, the truth is that, although scanning is a simple solution, it's also pretty powerful--it can help make great changes in every corner of your company, improving a little bit of everything. It can also help you keep your New Year's resolutions--whatever those might be.

Here are just a few things scanning can do for you!

What is Document Management Really?

document management

By now, you probably know the basics about document management--what it's for, how it works, and why it's probably a great choice for your business. However, do you know what this solution really is at its core? Do you know what makes it perfect for companies of all kinds? Today we'll answer these questions and more--and in the end, you might just see document management in a whole new light.

Part of Your Business

Document management isn't some external solution that controls what you do without taking details and specifics into account. Instead, it's a flexible and ever-changing part of your business--something that grows and changes with you. Think of it like learning a new language: you're saying the same things, but in new (and perhaps more interesting) ways.

Print Solutions for Schools


Schools have enough for worry about--printing shouldn't be one more thing on the list. The good news is that, with the right print solutions, it's easier than ever for schools to take control of their printing, save money, and provide an even more efficient environment for student learning.

Making the Grade

Students aren't the only ones who worry about making the grade. Schools, too, want to excel at organization, cost-efficiency, and productivity--and, too often, printers are seen as an obstacle to all of those things. Luckily, good print solutions can help schools take charge of their own habits, making it easier than ever to turn printing stresses into printing successes.

Here are just a few ways print solutions can help schools make the grade!


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