Printing and Scanning Options - More Than You Might Think

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You know the infamous printer line at your office, right? Where someone sends a large volume print job, and then someone else needs the printer, and soon there is a line waiting for the printer.

It looks like an inefficiency issue for any business - employees standing still at the printer, waiting for it to be their turn.

We've got great news if this sounds familiar. There are more print solutions for your business than ever before. Answers to print problems include updating your machine, consolidating equipment, and finding a quality machine that suits your needs.

Available Options for Your Business

Below are some main priorities for consideration when you are fixing your old print environment.

Document Management: The Basics

document management

If your office feels a little old school, like you're drowning in paperwork, or like you don't have enough storage space for your documents, it's time to look at going digital.

A digital office is the result of document management, a service that uploads your historical data to a server, and transfers all stored documents and future materials to an online, electronic format.

How document management helps your business

Document management has tremendous benefits for your business. The service is worth it for convenience, but there are many positive results from this business investment.

Here are a few of the top perks:

How Print Solutions Increase Employee Success

print solutions

As a business owner, you know that sometimes things go together that you wouldn't think would have a big influence.

For example, printing processes and office equipment function and employee productivity and morale. Do these things relate? You bet they do!

Employees succeed when tedious work tasks are convenient, easy, fast, and streamlined. When this isn't the situation, employees see that the business doesn't prioritize efficiency, so it seems acceptable to lose focus.

This is not the case in your business, though, so how can you find office automation solutions that contribute to employee success?

Evaluate Workflow Operations

Workflow operations probably need a review. Some things to consider:

Do you have people standing around the printer waiting because it's too slow?

Do employees travel back and forth to multiple printers or copiers?

3 Ways Print Management is a Secret to Sustainability

print management

Sustainability in the workplace is more than just a trend - it's a mainstream shift. With most Americans supporting ways to protect the environment and Millenials leading the charge, going green is the only way to move forward.

In any office, looking to use and waste are the first places to consider sustainable solutions. That's why The Polack Corporation has one of the easiest green options around - print management.

What is Print Management?

Print management is a service offered by office companies to take the guesswork out of printing.

From managing machines to service to supplies, the function takes tasks off your plate. It also saves money by auditing and regulating office print to create a regular budget.

The Right Equipment Can Make or Break Your Business


There are a lot of things that impact your budget that can make or break your business. Office equipment seems so harmless, how can it be something that can affect your bottom line?

You would be surprised. It's the impact of a slow output of money that isn't reevaluated and might get out of control.

How can you make sure your office equipment is budget friendly and helping instead of hurting your business? We lined out some simple items to consider below.

4 Things to Focus On

Have the right color printer

Make sure your color printer works FOR you. You shouldn't be putting in extra cash for something you don't need. In other words, assuming you print in color often, make sure there's a separate black and white function to save toner when not using color.

5 Ways Document Management Boosts Your Business Ahead

document management

You're always on the lookout for the next big thing for your business, but make sure you didn't miss it. Office operations are the base level for any growth, and consistently reviewing your company workflow is critical to staying solid.

Maybe you haven't gone digital yet, are partially working on it, or think it might be a good idea later. The thing is, now is the time to make the switch before it's too late - users are online, so make sure you are too. Document management is the solution for you.

Go Paperless for Success

Refusing to go digital can have a major impact on your business - as the world moves to electronic, online processes, your company must do the same. Otherwise, you can risk losing your entire client base.

Looking to Save Money? Find New Print Solutions

print solutions

Cost cutting efforts often go around some of the most substantial office expenses. For example, you might reduce travel spending to save money, purchase lower quality non-essential items, or ask each department to consider a small percentage budget cut.

Have you looked to printing and office automations for saving? Printing can take up more room in your budget than expected, and it's not all essential costs.

There are simple ways to save money by making a few critical changes to your print strategy. Adapting to new print solutions might be the answer to your budget this year.

Update Your Print Environment

Did you know that office printing ranks in the top four most significant expenses?

Why do you think this is? Usually, because it is unmanaged and unmonitored. Let's make a shift away from wastefulness to see how you can save on printing.

Kick Start Growth with Print Management

print management

Print management takes your most annoying business issues and solves them on the spot. Hate ordering print supplies? Frustrated by excessive waste and overflowing recycling bins all the time? Tired of troubleshooting the same print problem?

Print management is the answer to these concerns and offers the whole office the benefit of simple print systems, less waste, and better budget management.

What is print management?

Print management is a print strategy that helps to track output from all devices, generate reports for appropriate chargebacks and costs, audits users and enforces a print policy.

Print management also answers concerns about security with password protection and careful authorization of print jobs.

4 Features of Multifunction Devices


Multifunction devices are not an office product to overlook. They can streamline operations into a single machine, meaning that employees can print, copy, and scan documents all in one place.

Multifunction devices save time and money by streamlining business operations and employee actions. Don't miss the critical benefits of a multifunction device, and consider if it's time to get your business up to speed with a new machine.

Key Multifunction Device Assets

1. High Volume Print

Print more jobs in-house with high volume print without compromising quality. It just takes a few minutes for a small run of brochures or other marketing materials, and you save the cost of outsourcing without adding any additional time burden to office equipment.

The Digital Office for Small Businesses

document management

Maybe your small business seems to be running fine, but there are a few hiccups as you grow. One of the easiest ways to streamline processes and create capacity for growth is to go paperless with document management.

You may think your business doesn't need document management or is too small for the service. However, if you have big goals, document management can make it easier to hit growth benchmarks and also make room - physically and within systems - for expansion.

Document Management Benefits All Businesses

Any size business can benefit from document management, because of a few critical needs that can add value to your business.

Document management offers:

Reduced Waste

Printing documents, reports, and emails just adds paper to the recycle bin. Employees sometimes print draft after draft of a document and then just throw it away!


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