Can You Upgrade Document Management Systems?

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Document management is supposed to be flexible, scalable, and capable of keeping up with your company--so why would it need to be upgraded? Read on to find out what this means (and why it can open new doors for your business)!

What is a Document Management Upgrade?

Document management isn't supposed to go out of style, so why would it ever need an upgrade?

The truth about upgrading document management systems is that it's not like upgrading your printer or computer. You don't need to buy new tools, completely reinvent your workflows, or spend a whole lot of money on a few bells and whistles--and it's not all about keeping up with the latest tech. Instead, document management upgrades are about keeping up with you.

Although document management systems are designed to be flexible and capable of adapting to your company's changing needs, they can't do it alone. They need a little help from you in order to align with your refreshed goals, make use of your advancing tools, and, yes, even play nice with the latest and greatest tech.

Essentially, upgrading a document management system is like putting new paint on a sports car: it's still the same fast, impressive machine, but now it's even shinier.

When to Upgrade

How do you know when your document management system needs a "new coat of paint"--an upgrade? Here are a few warning signs!

  • You have new tech.

New tech is something to celebrate--and don't worry, it won't cause a whole lot of work for your document management system. All you have to do is make sure that your fancy newcomer fits into your document management processes. For example, that you're taking advantage of tools on a new printer, or that a new computer is connected to your digital workspace--and, if not, that you update your approaches.

  • Your workflow feels sluggish again.

Workflows grow and change, and if yours feels slow, frustrating, or sluggish, it's time to upgrade your document management system. This means making sure that you haven't slipped back into old habits, but also that any new needs are being met, tasks are automated, and extra steps are eliminated.

  • You just got tons of new customers.

New customers mean new workloads, and your existing document management system may not be equipped to handle that just yet. An upgrade will help you make sure you're using tools, organizational techniques, and solutions that help serve all those new fans.

In conclusion, document management systems can and should be upgraded--but that doesn't mean you have to grab your wallet. These upgrades are just a way to help your document management system keep up with needs, goals, and challenges that may have changed since you implemented the system in the first place, and they'll do wonders for your company.

Want to learn more about document management? Wondering if it's time for a document management system upgrade? Contact us today for all the help you need!