Do Print Solutions Improve Security?

Hand on blurred background using antivirus to block a cyber attack 3D rendering

If security is the name of your game, then you might not think to turn to print solutions for all the answers--but the truth is that you can get a long list of security benefits by starting at the printer. Here's everything you need to know!

Your Printers, Managed

Print solutions like managed print services may not be your idea of a security dream come true--but, believe it or not, that's where the digital bad-guys get you.

Unfortunately, hackers and other online criminals tend to take advantage of this belief. They know that, since most companies don't view print solutions as an option for addressing security concerns, the chances are high that printers are left undefended--and that's just like leaving a door wide open. Hackers can stroll in, take all the data they want, and leave before you even realized they accessed your company via the printer.

That's why it's important to view print management as more than just an efficiency solution or a way to save money. In truth, managing your printers, controlling your print habits, and understanding your entire print environment is an excellent way to identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities.

Here are just a few ways that print solutions act as a "shield" for your business:

  • They let your IT experts focus on IT security. If your IT team is always worried about paper jams and ill-tempered printers, they won't be able to put their energy toward the big stuff--like protecting your data.

  • They answer your questions. Although print problems can be frustrating, they're not often seen as a situation requiring expert intervention. However, improper print care and security can lead to huge vulnerabilities in your defenses--so that's why it's helpful to have a managed print provider available 24/7 for questions of all shapes and sizes.

  • They protect your devices, online and off. Print solutions aren't just for network security. They also physically protect your devices and data--for example, by helping you make sure a freshly printed file doesn't walk away in the wrong hands.

  • They make compliance a breeze. Compliance and security go hand-in-hand--and if you're looking for solutions that address both at once, you couldn't do much better than managed print.

Print solutions are a big step toward a safer, stronger workplace. Want to learn more about managed print services and other print solutions? Contact us today!