Do You Need Electronic Document Management?


These days, it seems like everything is electronic--even document management. But do you need to go digital with your document management system, or is organizing your file cabinets enough? Let's find out!

Going Digital

It's not easy to "break up with" paper. After all, paper has probably been a big part of your business for as long as you can remember--and by now, it's such a natural part of your day-to-day tasks that it might be strange to imagine a completely paperless workflow.

However, the truth is that going digital isn't just "the next big thing." It's an answer to all the paper problems you've likely learned to overlook--like high costs, inefficiency, physical vulnerability, and more. Scanning your files to bring them into the digital world is easy and affordable, and it makes the path to paperless workflows just a little bit easier.

Before you can successfully scan, organize, and protect all those files, though, you're going to need a game plan--and that's where document management comes in.

Here are just a few reasons why you do need electronic document management!

#1: Organization

With document management, it's easier to organize files in preparation for scanning and to organize documents once they're scanned. For example, by creating consistent naming conventions in a company-wide data repository, you can make sure everyone has access to the right information and always know how to find it.

#2: Flexibility

Document management allows your employees to stay flexible without getting confused. They can create, save, share, update, or even destroy documents all in one place--and with tools like version control, they can focus on efficiency and creativity instead of keeping track of files.

#3: Security

Physical files are vulnerable to theft, loss, and even natural disasters. Scanned files organized and protected by document management, on the other hand, have multiple layers of defenses--like password-protection, firewalls, encryption, and user authentication--to keep them safe.

Want to learn more about electronic document management? Ready to start scanning your files? Contact us today to get started!