The First Step in Scanning Solutions

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What's the first step in any good scanning solution? Choosing a scanner, of course! Here are a few things you need to know before jumping in.

Getting a Head Start

The truth about scanning solutions is that they're going to do great things for your business no matter what. Even the simplest, quickest, most limited solution will still make an impact on your organization, communication, and security. However, with that said, scanning solutions can also be so much more--and all that's required is a bit of a head start.

That "head start," as it turns out, is as simple as knowing all the best-kept secrets when it comes to buying scanners. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you end up with the right machine and get the most out of scanning solutions!

#1: Take time to reflect.

No, this isn't about getting sentimental--it's about understanding your company's needs, habits, goals, and patterns. By reflecting on where you're at now--as well as where you came from--, you'll be more confident choosing a scanner that will fit into your workflow for years to come.

Consider things like:

  • how many pages you need to scan daily,
  • the type of operating systems you use,
  • what type of content you're scanning,
  • the ideal resolution for your scans,
  • the size of the paper,
  • and more.

#2: Don't get distracted by scanner marketing.

Scanners are sometimes marketed in ways that may be deceiving. Instead of being starstruck by the number of pages a scanner can handle per day(which usually means a full 12 hours of nonstop scanning), pay attention to more realistic measurements--like user-friendliness, connectivity, and output quality.

#3: Understand the fine print.

Many scanners come with some sort of service agreement or warranty. To make the most of your scanning solutions, it's important to understand these details. That way, you'll have something to fall back on in case your machine requires maintenance, repairs, or troubleshooting.

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