How Print Management Keeps Your Data Safe


In today's bustling, uncertain world, any business solution that promises to keep you and your data safe is immediately worth taking another look at. Luckily, print management does that and so much more. Here's everything you need to know about this powerful print solution!

Prioritizing Security

As a solution all about printing, you might not expect print management to put much emphasis on security. That, however, isn't the case. Print management is all about security; it just so happens to approach the concept by focusing on a center-point you might not have considered to be a hub of data defense. Believe it or not, security that starts with the printer is almost always more effective--simply because many hackers target printers first, knowing that businesses often neglect to protect this piece of critical technology.

So, how does print management work to keep your data safe? Let's find out!

#1: Data defense

One of the first things you can expect from print management is a focus on you. By helping you identify and eliminate bad printing habits (like leaving documents on the printer tray), implement new security solutions, and use existing tools to their full potential -- print management puts the focus of security back where it belongs: on your data itself.

#2: Data deletion

While print management helps you protect data, it can also help you get rid of it for good. This means identifying all the files or hard drives where you, your employees, and your machines have been storing information, and then organizing a simple solution for deleting certain data securely and uniformly.

#3: Data breach protection

Print management helps protect you both online and off. By helping you choose the best tools and solutions for your unique needs, print management eliminates weak points in your defenses, points out issues you may not have noticed before, and helps keep data safe from outside and inside threats or incidents of human error.

Print management works tirelessly to keep your data safe. To find out what else it can do for you, contact us today!