Print Management: Are Your Print Habits Wasting Money?


Habits can be your company's best friend or its worst enemy--and that's especially true when it comes to printing. Sometimes it's not so easy to identify what your habits actually are. So today, with a little help from print management, we'll take a look at what you should be doing (and what you shouldn't).

Why Print Management?

Many companies like to think that they can handle all of their budget problems, make all of their changes, and do all of their work in-house. That might be okay in some cases, but the truth is that it's not easy to take an honest, unbiased look at your habits--and sometimes, you need a little help. That's where print management comes in. Without "judging" you or taking complete control of every decision you make, print management helps you reflect on your habits so that you know what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong, and how you could improve to protect your budget.

Big Questions

Ready to see if your print habits are wasting money? Here are a few big questions to ask yourself!

#1: "How much do we spend on printing?"

This seems like an easy question, but it can get a little tricky. Remember to factor in the cost of supplies, repairs, maintenance, and energy; the total price might surprise you.

#2: "Do we have printing rules?"

If you can't immediately think of "rules" that govern your print environment--for example, when to print in color and when to print in black and white--you might have a problem. Rules help limit waste and protect your overall budget.

#3: "Are we wasting time?"

Wasted time can include all kinds of things, like your IT team helping people fix simple issues or your off-site employees having to come to the office to print. Print management can help find targeted solutions that will address these issues and save money in all kinds of ways.

So, do your print habits need help? Contact us today to get started with print management!