Print Management for Schools: A Perfect Fit

printer in school hallway

Schools have a lot of responsibility--to students, to teachers, and to a world constantly looking for fresh new thinkers. To handle all that responsibility, schools need to have a good support system for workflows, data, and documents--and that's where print management comes in.

Not Just for Giant Companies

Many schools hesitate when it comes to print management because, in all honesty, it sounds like the kind of solution that belongs in a giant company with hundreds of offices and thousands of employees. The truth, though, is that print management is designed to fit you, not everyone else--which means that it relies on an analysis of your print environment to suggest solutions. Nothing is ever done without first making sure that it aligns with your school's needs, goals, and budgets, and your unique challenges as an educational institution are always taken into account. Essentially, print management is for everyone because it scales to fit anyone.

The Details

Here's what makes print management a perfect fit for schools!

  • Security

Students and teachers alike should be able to rest assured that their sensitive data is secure. With tools like user authentication and access control, print management makes that easier than ever.

  • Efficiency

Print management helps schools like yours cut down on wasteful habits, make better choices when it comes to consumables and devices, and streamline workflows. It's all about boosting efficiency without sacrificing quality.

  • Environmental friendliness

Setting a good, green example for your students is important--and what better way to do that than to cut down on paper, ink, and energy usage? Print management helps utilize online tools and scan physical files so that your school works in the digital world and cuts down on wasted resources.

What can print management do for your school? Contact us today to find out!