Print Management Tips: Simple Ways to Reduce Paper Use


Do you feel buried in paper? Do you wince a little every time you hit "print?" Do you worry about the environmental and financial impact of using so much paper in your office? Worry no more--these simple print management tips are here to save the day.

Cutting Out Paper

Paper has long been an invaluable resource in the business world. Now, though, it seems like paper's popularity has run its course. Companies of all shapes and sizes are starting to realize that paper is expensive, difficult to store and protect, vulnerable to loss, natural disasters, and, of course, a real strain on the environment.

It's time to cut out paper--and that's where print management comes in.

Creating the perfect paperless workplace is a journey, and print management helps you take that journey one step at a time. By finding efficient ways to limit paper use and providing effective, reliable alternatives (like digital tools or scanning solutions), print management makes it easy to gradually limit your reliance on paper, all on your terms.

Simple Tips

So, how can you get started cutting out paper right now? Here are some tips straight from print management!

Be mindful.

Before you print anything, ask yourself if it needs to be printed. If the answer is yes, then check to be sure you're making the best use of the paper--small margins, efficient organization, and small but functional fonts.

Try new things.

There are all kinds of solutions available to help minimize your reliance on paper. For example, try having paperless meetings using note-taking software or document sharing tools; you'll save money and trees at the same time!

Remember the three R's.

Reduce, reuse, recycle--and find creative ways to do so. Make sure the paper you do use is being reused when possible and recycled when practical, and remember that reducing paper use in the first place is easier than trying to figure out what to do with all that paper later!

Ready to cut out paper? Want to see what else print management can do for you? Contact us today!