Print Management: Yea or Nay?


Print management can be a huge success in businesses of all shapes and sizes. It minimizes waste, eliminates human error, improves communication, and even makes security stronger and more reliable--but some businesses still aren't sure. To help you make the big decision, we'll compare two different companies: one with print management, and one without.

Company A and Company B

Let's say we have two entirely hypothetical companies. They're approximately the same size, and they're in the same industry, so they are direct competitors--but one of them is going to have a definite edge, and it all comes down to print management.

Company A

Company A recently implemented print management. Now, this is what their day-to-day looks like:

  • fast, effective communication;
  • less wasted paper, ink, and energy;
  • **streamlined and efficient workflows;
  • integrated systems and software;
  • and complete security--both online and off.

Company B

Now, let's look at Company B. They don't have print management yet, so their days look like this:

  • everyone can print anything, on any device;
  • print jobs are abandoned on the tray, leading to waste and security issues
  • workflows are convoluted, frustrating, and inefficient;
  • no two devices can work together or communicate;
  • and customer needs are not being met.

The Print Management Difference

The difference between these two companies is that "A" used print management to improve security, organization, and visibility, while "B" is still struggling with inefficient processes and problems based on human error. With print management, it's easier than ever to be Company A. You'll be able to take control of your print environment, integrate all your devices and software, minimize waste, encourage better printing habits, and streamline and improve communication throughout your business.

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