Print Solutions for the New Normal


Thanks to COVID-19, it feels like we're all living through some sort of sci-fi movie. However, as terms like "quarantine" and "decontamination" become commonplace and everyone settles into a strange new reality, it's important not to forget about the things that matter in your business--like safe, efficient printing. Here are a few print solutions that will help the new normal feel a little more, well, normal.

Where to Focus

Problems that seemed complicated or frustrating before can be even worse right now, which means that print solutions can feel like an uphill battle. That's why it's important to slow down, take a deep breath, and decide which print problems need your immediate attention. Knowing where to focus can help you prioritize, but it's also good for minimizing feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Here are a few types of print solutions to focus on as you create a "new normal" in your company:


Solutions like print management can help you stay effective and efficient even when the world is turned upside-down. For example, print management helps teams communicate from multiple locations with digital documents and mobile printing.


As if COVID-19 didn't add enough trouble to the world, it's also being used as a tactic to help hackers attack unassuming businesses. Remember to focus on print solutions that protect your data, secure your devices, and offer options for secure internal communication.


This is one of those terms that didn't make much sense before the pandemic--but now, it's everywhere. Print solutions that emphasize personal safety and health precautions are more important than ever, so keep an eye out for tools and changes that can be implemented in "touch-free" ways (for example, automated tasks).

We're here to help you create a new normal for your business. Contact us today for all the print solutions you need!