Print Solutions: Quick Tips for a Greener Office


"Print solutions" and "greener office" are two phrases that don't seem to belong in the same sentence. After all, how can printing, which by definition, uses not-so-green resources like paper and ink, ever be environmentally friendly? Believe it or not, it's possible--and with these print solutions, it can even be easy.

Going Green, Saving Green

Many companies hesitate to go forward with green solutions because they don't think environmental friendliness can ever truly be cost-effective. In some cases, that may be true--but the trick is to find savvy, creative ways to go green and save green without sacrificing your efficiency.

As odd as it might seem, print solutions are often the best place to start. This is because most print environments are wasteful and inefficient without anybody even realizing it, which means cutting out waste and going green will only make things better--for the company, for employees, and even for clients. Better printing does lead to a better world.

Here are a few tips to help you go green in your print environment!

  • Be smart about toner. Ink and toner hurt the environment and your budget. Try using refurbished cartridges when possible, and find local organizations that can recycle your used cartridges.

  • Implement print policies. Helping employees know when to print and when not to print can make a huge difference to your environmental impact.

  • Use paper wisely. Use double-sided print options, create wide margins, and use smaller fonts to make a little paper go a long way.

  • Try digital solutions instead. Sometimes, you don't need to print at all. Try using digital tools to share files or update information.

  • Choose good machines. Print solutions only go so far if your printers aren't up to speed. Choose EnergyStar-certified machines to limit the strain you put on Mother Nature.

  • Give back. Gather your team and find ways to engage with your community to give back to the environment--for example, planting trees.

Are you looking for savvy ways to go green? Want more print solutions like these? Contact us today!