Print Solutions for Schools


Schools have enough for worry about--printing shouldn't be one more thing on the list. The good news is that, with the right print solutions, it's easier than ever for schools to take control of their printing, save money, and provide an even more efficient environment for student learning.

Making the Grade

Students aren't the only ones who worry about making the grade. Schools, too, want to excel at organization, cost-efficiency, and productivity--and, too often, printers are seen as an obstacle to all of those things. Luckily, good print solutions can help schools take charge of their own habits, making it easier than ever to turn printing stresses into printing successes.

Here are just a few ways print solutions can help schools make the grade!

  • Cost savings

Unnecessary printing can be a huge strain on a school's budget. Although it's difficult to catch and eliminate these habits alone, the right print solutions make it easy to identify where money is going, what decisions are being made, and what should be changed to keep the budget on track.

  • Reliability

Nothing frustrates teachers and students more than unreliable printers. Good print solutions will help schools plan maintenance and repairs, choose the right supplies, and keep machines healthy and happy--that way, every printer can be relied upon.

  • Environmental friendliness

Going green is a good choice for everyone, but it's especially important for schools. Green print solutions will help cut down on wasted paper, find environmentally friendly choices like recycled toner cartridges, use less energy, and generally set a great example for students. (After all, don't we all want an "A" from Mother Nature?)

There are all kinds of print solutions available to help schools take control of their printing. Contact us today to learn more!