Print Solutions for Schools: Printing Issues That Wreck Your Budget

Teacher is checking student homework assignment and report on desk in school for score. Unfinished paperwork stacked in archive with color papers and paper clips. Education and business concept.

Organizations of all kinds are focused on protecting the budget, but that's especially true for schools, where every dollar represents an investment in education, inspiration, and the future of our world. Unfortunately, it's all too easy for some little printing problems to undermine all of that and wreck your budget. So today, we'll find out what they are (and which solutions are perfect for stopping them).

Printing Pains

Many schools don't realize just how expensive printing can be if it's not being managed properly--and that's part of the problem. For that reason, it's important to know what to look for. Here are a few printing pains that might be costing your school more money than you realize:

#1: Disorganization

Disorganization is irritating, but it's not a real risk to your budget--right? Unfortunately, that's not the case. Disorganized printing environments without policies, guidelines, or access controls can quickly drain your school's budget.

#2: High-volume print jobs

Schools have a lot of high-volume print jobs, but in-house printing equipment isn't always equipped to handle them. Sometimes those vivid prints can cost so much in ink, paper, and machine wear-and-tear that it's cheaper to use a copy shop.

#3: Bad habits

If people at your school tend to print way too many copies of a document, use single-sided instead of double-sided printing, or use color instead of black-and-white -- your budget is probably the victim of some bad habits.

What to Do

If those printing pains sound a little too familiar, don't worry--there's a perfect print solution for your school. Managed print helps you take control of your printing environment and address problems in order of severity, which means that you can get budget help fast--all without cutting corners. The best part about managed print is that it's personalized! So each and every solution is designed with your needs, your goals, and your school's future in mind.

Are you looking for print solutions to rescue your budget? Maybe it's time to try managed print. Contact us today to get started!