Simple Solutions to Big Tech Trouble


No matter what machine you use to scan--a standalone scanner, a multifunction copier, you name it--the chances are high that you're eventually going to run into some tech trouble. Luckily, you don't have to call in backup for every issue. There are plenty of problems you can solve yourself--with a little explanation and the right know-how, of course!

Don't Panic

Scanning equipment is a pretty important part of every workflow, workday, and overall business--which means that any tech trouble here could spell big trouble just about everywhere. Luckily, there's no need to panic when your equipment acts up. Just stay calm, roll up your sleeves, and prepare to address some common issues with surprisingly simple solutions.

Solution #1: Diagnose the issue.

Sometimes, the best way to solve a tech problem is to figure out what exactly it is. Looking for little issues, like paper jams, can save you a lot of time and energy later--and after all, even if it's not a quick fix, you've eliminated a few possibilities.

Solution #2: Restart the machine.

Scanning equipment isn't perfect, even though it might be pretty darn close. Sometimes, a corrupt or incorrect scan will throw the whole machine out of whack--so restarting might be a magic cure.

Solution #3: Check the owner's manual.

Your owner's manual contains all kinds of troubleshooting information, including descriptions of error codes you might be seeing. Reading over the relevant portions can help you figure out what's going wrong and how you can fix it on your own.

Solution #4: Keep it clean.

This is more of a proactive solution, but it can make a lot of difference. Quick, regular machine maintenance doesn't just eliminate future issues; it also extends lifetime, so you can keep scanning for years to come.

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