Small Business Scanning: How to Choose a Scanner


Suppose you've decided that scanning is the perfect solution for your small business. In that case, you're well on your way to achieving all kinds of great things--from improved security to better organization. There's just one more step: actually choosing the scanner!

Doing the Math

Every small business is unique, which means every small business's scanning needs will be unique, too. That's why it's so important to choose the right scanner: if you end up with what's right for "the other guy," you won't be getting the most out of your new solution, and you'll end up disappointed.

The secret is to do the math--not literally (although you might need to grab a calculator when it's time to work out your budget), but figuratively. Essentially, you want to add up all of your needs, goals, and challenges and then find an equal scanner.

Where to Start

Here are a few things to "add up" when choosing a scanner for your small business!

  • Current plans

    This is all about what's going on in your business right now. Remember, you want a scanner that does what you need--so make sure to research details like OCR (optical character recognition).

  • Future plans

    Scanning is a solution that should be able to keep up with you for years to come--as long as you have the right device, that is. It's important to choose a machine that has capabilities you expect to need later and everything you need right now.

  • Software

    A good scanner will play nicely with your existing devices and software. This is especially important when it comes to your computers' operating systems.

  • Budget

    Time to grab that calculator! Scanning is a cost-effective solution, and it will more than pay for itself by limiting paper use, improving organization, and boosting security. However, you still need to be able to afford the machine.

Ready to choose a scanner for your small business? Want to learn more about scanning? Contact us today!