Tips for Better Scanning: Machine Maintenance

printer maintenance

Unless you have a standalone scanner, chances are you are relying on a multifunction machine to help you turn physical documents into digital files--and that's great! Multifunction devices are an excellent choice for all your scanning needs. However, to keep doing their job, these devices do need a little bit of simple maintenance--so here's what you can to do.

Healthy Machines = Simple Scanning

It's important to remember that, even though it can sometimes feel like it, your machines aren't purposely working against you. When problems do occur, it's usually due to a small problem that can be solved in a few easy steps. It's important to remember that healthy, happy devices make it much easier to scan perfectly and painlessly. The best news is that machine maintenance doesn't have to be a struggle.

Here are a few tips to keep your multifunction devices fit for excellent scanning!

  • Clean up.

You should schedule regular cleanings for your multifunction machines. However, sometimes you'll need to go off-schedule to clean dust or debris off the glass, mirrors, or the device itself. You'll know this is necessary if your other copy and print jobs have streaks or misplaced lines.

  • Keep an eye on settings.

When you use a multifunction device, you might need to change the settings between different jobs to get precisely what you want. Just remember to change the settings appropriately when it's time to scan--that way, you get the proper quality and brightness levels.

  • Use the right supplies.

Some machines require specific kinds of paper, ink, or toner to work correctly. While these things might not directly impact your scanning experience, they can limit the overall life of the device and create other pricey problems.

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