Track Costs with Print Management!


Tracking costs is no easy task, especially when it comes to the hustle-and-bustle world of printing. How can you keep track of different machines, different types of paper, multiple print jobs, and different users? The answer is simple: print management.

Budget Benefits

As far as business solutions go, print management has a lot going for it. Besides being affordable, scalable, and user-friendly, it's also packed full of benefits designed to fit your unique company and industry.

So print management is great, sure--but how can it help you track and control costs in your print environment? Let's find out!

  • #1: Track users.

First, print management helps you get all the information you need by tracking users and their print habits. This doesn't interrupt efficiency, but it does help you understand what's going on in your print environment.

  • #2: Utilize data.

Next, it's time to use that new data to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. You'll be able to see what's being printed, when, and on which machines--plus who is printing and how often. Armed with this information, it's much easier to make changes that benefit your entire business without cramping workflows or creating stress for employees.

  • #3: Create new rules.

Finally, print management helps you create and implement new print rules to help control budgets. For example, if certain employees are making too many personal prints, they can set restrictions on their access to certain machines or limit how much they can print in a period of time. You can also create rules that limit the use of color, lock certain features or functions, and allow printers and print queues to communicate between different locations.

Want to track print costs in your business? Interested in print management? Contact us today to get started!