What Your Document Management Provider Needs to Know


Document management is a powerful, efficient, and productive solution--but to be successful, it needs a little help from you. Here are a few things you'll want to communicate with a document management provider!

Strong Communication

Think of it this way: before you can improve communication in your business by implementing document management, you need to practice--namely, by telling your managed services provides exactly what you expect, what your challenges are, and what your company looks like inside and out. If you skip this step, you'll end up with "one size fits all" solutions that don't necessarily address your needs or fit with your workflows--so take the time to communicate!

Here are a few things to share with your document management provider:

#1: Your hardware and software

Your provider will want to know what they're working with. Create an inventory of the machines in your office--including mobile devices--and the operating systems or other software they're running. Also make a note of the apps, tools, or websites that you use most often when creating or sharing documents.

#2: Your challenges and goals

Where are you going, and what problems do you need to solve to get there? Sharing this information with your provider will ensure that you're both on the same page--and that the solutions you choose are targeted, efficient, and stress-free.

#3: Your security characteristics

This is, more or less, a complete picture of your company's security. Are there any specific compliance rules in your industry? What are the security measures currently in place? Do you worry about certain security threats more than others, like ransomware or hacks that target your printers? Let your provider know--that way, they can help you improve security across the board.

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