Who Can Benefit From Print Management?

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When it comes to print management, many companies have one big question: who can benefit from this solution? The truth is that every business benefits from print management. To prove it, here's a look at some vastly different industries making great use of the solution.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Print management is just one solution, but that doesn't mean it's "one size fits all." Instead, print management scales to fit each industry and company in unique and personalized ways--which means that it never looks the same twice. In some businesses, print management might look like a few well-organized file cabinets and one reliable printer. For others, it might seem like a whole fleet of multifunction machines with a completely digital storage process and numerous mobile devices. It all depends on you and your needs!

Print Management in Action

Here are a few entirely different industries that benefit from print management, proving that this solution is for everyone!

  • Law firms

Law firms and print management genuinely do go hand-in-hand. Since the legal industry requires a ton of paperwork (with so much sensitive data), print management makes a huge difference by improving security, minimizing unnecessary printing, and controlling costs.

  • Schools

Schools don't operate like traditional offices, but they have workflows and goals just like any other organization. Print management helps meet the wide variety of needs in the education system by providing simple, efficient processes for using printers and handling documents.

  • Hospitals

Let's be honest: almost everyone in the healthcare industry has more important things to do than worry about toner supplies and paper jams. Print management allows hospitals and doctor's offices to outsource their printing problems so that they can focus on what matters.

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