Why Choose a Multifunction Copier?


Scanning is the kind of simple, stress-free solution that offers a massive list of benefits. But before you enjoy any of those, you need to get your hands on a device that can do the work. Luckily, that's where a multifunction copier comes in.

Fantastic Functions

Here's the truth: although a standalone scanner would help you turn your physical files into easily-organized, easily-secured digital documents, that's just about all it can do. A multifunction copier, on the other hand, can help you take advantage of all those scanning benefits and more, combining fax, copy, print, and scan capabilities in one powerful device. The best part is that each of those functions complements the others, which means that you can complete a whole job without having to leave the machine.

Here are a few more things you can expect from a multifunction copier:

  • space benefits, meaning that you won't have to find somewhere to put a whole fleet single-function devices;
  • cost savings, since it's cheaper to use and maintain a single machine;
  • efficiency boosts, thanks to additional features and tools that help multifunction copiers fit perfectly with your workflows, networks, and existing software;
  • new solutions, because multifunction copiers give you plenty of options for creative new choices (like changing up your marketing strategies or switching to a paperless workflow);
  • and better security, which is a result of all the latest technology and functionality packed into one device.

Multifunction copiers are a great way to get started with scanning solutions--but they can do a whole lot more. All those other features will help you take advantage of scanning benefits like better organization, improved security, and boosted efficiency, all without having to break the bank.

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