Before You Implement Document Management Solutions


The great thing about document management is that it's intuitive--meaning you don't have to do a lot of prep work to see success. Instead, it fits in with your existing workflow and makes gradual but powerful changes, all with such smoothness that you'll never miss the way you used to do things. However, before you get started, there are some things you can do to take your document management benefits even further.

Getting Prepared

The most important thing to remember about document management is that it's supposed to be simple, stress-free, and efficient. It should eliminate worry, not cause more. That's why it can sometimes be helpful to do a little "prep work" and get your company ready for all the effective, user-friendly tools, changes, and solutions.

Here are a few ways to get ready for document management!

  • #1: Decide on naming conventions.

Document management makes it easier than ever to organize, store, share, and update your files and folders--but before any of that can happen, you'll need to decide on a naming convention to keep everything straight. Mark one thing off your to-do list and decide how you're going to title everything from now on!

  • #2: Think about mobile devices.

Mobile devices are a big element of the modern workplace. If they're part of your workflows, they'll be part of your document management solutions--so do a little prep work and see how many mobile devices are in use.

  • #3: Get ready for more information.

When you implement document management, you're going to have a lot more visibility--data on where your documents are going, how often they move, what your security weaknesses might be, and more. It might seem a little overwhelming at first, but if you know what to expect, you'll be well on your way to making great use of this important data.

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