How To Disinfect Your Office Equipment and Protect Your Employees

Office equipment is one of the most commonly used tools in a bustling office environment. Yet, while most offices have the carpets vacuumed and the toilets scrubbed each day, copiers and printers are usually an afterthought for disinfection. That’s because office equipment typically only gets cleaned when it’s serviced by a technician, or a dust bunny shows up in a paper tray.

Add that to the facts that on average we touch our faces 15.7 times per hour and that the Coronavirus is pretty resilient on hard surfaces (up to nine hours, maybe even days) and you might be thinking that you need to deep clean your office ASAP before anyone returns to your office. 

Better to be safe than sorry, copiers, printers, keypads, keyboards and mouses alike (hard surfaces that are frequently touched) should all be disinfected for the best chance at flattening the COVID-19 infection rate curve.

How to Conduct an Effective Virtual Meeting

4.7 million people work from home in the United States [source]. The need for collaboration and meeting with co-workers does not go away when people transition to working from home, so it is no surprise that products like Zoom Meetings have realized huge growth.

The recent Coronavirus spread is creating challenges for sales teams that did not need to make this transition to meeting virtually until now. One can only think that the number of people that work from home will be drastically increased for the long-term once we get back to normal.

Virtual or not, we have all been in our share of meetings that were good, productive meetings and meetings that were a waste of time for all involved. So, ensuring that you can effectively conduct a meeting is critical in business continuity during these times.  

The 3 keys to having quality virtual meetings are:

Which Scanning Format Should You Use?


Once you've decided to get started with scanning solutions, organized your files, and started the process, you might think all the big questions are answered--but then you'll be prompted to choose a format for your newly-scanned files. What now? Today we're here to help you make this important call!

Avoiding a Format Fiasco

Choosing the right format for your documents might not seem like a big deal right now, but wait until you need to access those files, distribute them between team members using different devices, or upload them to an online tool. Suddenly, a lousy format can be a huge disaster. The good news is that this is one of the few "difficult" questions you'll have to answer when it comes to scanning since almost everything else is a breeze--and even this one is easier to handle when you understand your options.

Let's take a look at a few standard formats!

How to Create a Document Management Strategy


Document management is an active solution, which means it needs a little help from you to achieve its full potential. Luckily, that's where a document management strategy comes in--so let's find out how to create one (and stick to it, too)!

What is a Document Management Strategy?

A document management strategy is, essentially, your road map through all the tools, options, and choices that come with this powerful solution. The truth is that document management looks a little different for each company, so you'll want a personalized, flexible plan to help keep your goals in perspective. After all, with so many new tools at your disposal, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. It's best to roll up your sleeves and do a little bit of homework beforehand.

Getting Started

Here are a few simple steps to creating your document management strategy!

Print Solutions: The Magic of Multifunction


Are you looking for fast, effective, and affordable print solutions that can transform your workflow in all the right ways? Look no further--a multifunction copier might be just what you need.

Opening New Doors

It makes sense that all the best print solutions would start at the printer, right?

That's precisely the mindset a company has when they choose to add multifunction copiers to their fleet. Instead of dealing with communication issues or inefficiencies, these companies target their most significant problems at the source, replacing a slow, unreliable machine with something that gets the job done and saves you a ton of work. Multifunction copiers can improve your print environment one document at a time--and they can improve your entire company along the way.

Everything You Want to Know About Print Management


Do you have things you'd like to know about print management, but are too afraid to ask? Worry no more! Today we're here to answer the biggest questions about print management, why it's so great, and what it can do for your business.

A Crash-Course in Print Management

Before you implement any solution, you want to know what you're getting into, right? This is especially true for print management, which can be a little tricky to define since it looks different for different companies.

Here are answers to all the questions you might have about print management (but are too afraid to ask)!

The Hidden Costs of Paper


Since scanning is such a simple yet powerful office solution, it doesn't come with very many "secrets"--but there's one pretty big thing you may not realize about scanning: just how much money it saves. That's right--the hidden costs of paper are through the roof. Let's take a closer look!

Getting the Truth

Since paper has been part of the business world--and, let's be honest, the whole world--for so long, most of us have gotten used to overlook its shortcomings. We know it's flimsy, vulnerable, challenging to store and organize, bad for the environment, and, of course, expensive--but since we're so used to it, we let these things slide.

Not anymore.

All About Follow-Me Printing


Print solutions are, perhaps, the most creative type of business solution in today's market. They need to be reliable but flexible, fast but efficient--and, most importantly, they need to fit into your company's unique environment. Luckily, Follow-Me printing is one solution that checks all these boxes and more.

3 Questions for Better Print Management


If you've decided that print management is an excellent solution for your business but aren't sure where to start, don't worry--the truth is that choosing perfect software (and a great provider) might be easier than you think. Just start with these three simple questions!

First Steps

Some companies hesitate to implement print management because they're worried about how difficult it will be. They imagine complicated learning-curves, frustrating and pricey new software, and all kinds of changes that will "shake up" the way they've been doing things for so long. Luckily, that's not the case. Print management is all about you--which means you get to set the pace, choose the solutions, and work with your provider to perfect every little detail. This is not some quick fix; it's a long-term solution that will grow and change with you, creating benefits for years to come.


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