Advanced Office Solutions for 2018: Mobile Print

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Your office has worked hard to update technology and systems in recent years to meet customer demand, and also to engage a younger and more tech-savvy workforce.

If you've made improvements, you've probably seen excellent results.

The next thing you'll want to consider is mobile print options, which are an efficient way to improve workflow and accessibility for employees.

What is mobile print?

Mobile print is the ability to print directly to the office printer (or multifunction device) from your smartphone.

This feature is essential for employees who work on the go, operate on wireless networks, and may move between different company locations.

Almost 40% of the workforce operates from a remote site at some point, meaning that remote print makes sense for half of your employees.

Document Scanning: 3 Simple Tips


Scanning was once a brand new technology mostly used for making hard copy photos digital.

Now, scanning is used to quickly email hard copy documents, send something for review, or take a paper resource and convert it into an image or an editable document. You can do more than ever before!

How to Maximize Features

One thing about scanning today is that you want to maximize your use of scanners and the scanning technology - it's easy to still think about scanning as what it used to be (limited), but today the service offers more than ever before, just like most advancing technology.

Scanners are smaller, advanced, and can convert different types of documents.

How Document Management Systems Save Your Business

document management

Take a look around your office right now. Do you see files, filing cabinets, and other storage areas filling up the workspace?

Imagine a paperless office with more physical space. This office operates online, making it easier to communicate, collaborate, and complete big projects.

Document management can help you create the digital office that works like this and offers a big boost for your company.

Document Management Explained

Document Managment converts hard copy documents into digital resources for your entire company. This service is invaluable to the modern workplace, as it solves many common problems including security, storage, and organization.

Business Benefits

Switching from Paper-Based to Paperless

4 Overlooked Benefits of Investing in New Office Equipment

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Office machines fall into the category of items that owners and managers think can be overlooked.

Set it and forget it for various devices isn't the best way to go, but there are affordable solutions for every company.

Why Upgrade?

1. So Many Ways to Save Money

Saving money can't be overrated. From efficient machines to cost-saving services like print management, there are more ways than ever before to apply your printing budget better.

2. New Technology Increases Productivity

Streamlined print services, online/paperless options, and faster office machines mean that employees can do their work quickly and keep moving.

From mobile printing to managed services, there are endless new ways to increase productivity. Upgrading to the right machines can make these opportunities a reality at your business.

Is Print Management the Answer to Costly Printing Issues?


Print management is on the radar of more business owners than ever before, as technological developments introduce more efficient ways to cut costs and save time at the office.

Is print management the answer? We review some of the top benefits of print management services and so you can evaluate how they may improve your business operations.

How Does Print Mangement Help?

Print management essentially takes the tedious tasks off your plate and outsources them to professionals. Overall, it's a time-saving answer if you have employees that can do more with their time than order print cartridges.

Print management can:

The Three P's of Print Security


Print security isn't easy for anyone, but it can be a little easier with all the right information. Here's a new way to look at print security that might make things simpler, quicker, and a bit less stressful!

Taking the First Step

The most important thing you can do when it comes to print security is surprisingly simple: realize that you need it. Unfortunately, many companies overlook this step, and their unsecured printers end up the target of hackers looking for an "easy win." If you already know that print security is a pretty big deal, then congratulations--you're on the right track!


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