What Your Document Management Provider Needs to Know


Document management is a powerful, efficient, and productive solution--but to be successful, it needs a little help from you. Here are a few things you'll want to communicate with a document management provider!

Strong Communication

Think of it this way: before you can improve communication in your business by implementing document management, you need to practice--namely, by telling your managed services provides exactly what you expect, what your challenges are, and what your company looks like inside and out. If you skip this step, you'll end up with "one size fits all" solutions that don't necessarily address your needs or fit with your workflows--so take the time to communicate!

Here are a few things to share with your document management provider:

Print Management: Yea or Nay?


Print management can be a huge success in businesses of all shapes and sizes. It minimizes waste, eliminates human error, improves communication, and even makes security stronger and more reliable--but some businesses still aren't sure. To help you make the big decision, we'll compare two different companies: one with print management, and one without.

Company A and Company B

Let's say we have two entirely hypothetical companies. They're approximately the same size, and they're in the same industry, so they are direct competitors--but one of them is going to have a definite edge, and it all comes down to print management.

Company A

Company A recently implemented print management. Now, this is what their day-to-day looks like:

The 3 Biggest Benefits of Scanning


As you've probably already heard, scanning can be great news for your business. It's fast, simple, painless, and cost-efficient--and it comes with a long list of benefits on top of that. If you don't have time for the whole list, though, that's okay. The first three benefits are the biggest (and the best) anyway!

Why Scanning?

In a world full of multitasking business solutions that utilize cool tech and savvy software, why should you choose scanning? The answer is simple: scanning does almost everything those other business solutions can do without forcing you to make any big changes, upgrade every machine in your workplace, or suffer through a long learning curve. By addressing the source of many day-to-day problems--disorganized, frustrating stacks of paper--scanning allows you to take control of your business in a brand-new way.

Document Management On the Go


Document management is an excellent solution at the office, but can it be just as useful for field workers or work travel? Here's everything you need to know about document management on the go!

Solutions in the Palm of Your Hand

Perhaps one of the best things about document management is that it's almost limitless. No matter what you need, what your restrictions are, how big your company is, or what industry you're in, document management can adapt, address, and solve.

What's even better is that document management also isn't limited by location. This means that, with devices and software you already have, you can take document management with you wherever you go--solutions waiting right in the palm of your hand.

Here's what you need to know!

3 Steps to Cheaper Printing


Many companies think that, with the rise of paperless workflows, printing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. However, that doesn't have to be true. All you have to do is find some savvy ways to print smarter and better--and here are three tips to help you do just that (while saving money along the way).

Three Simple Steps

Believe it or not, all kinds of print solutions can go hand-in-hand with paperless workflows. From print management to print security, the overall goal is to help you make better choices and get into great habits so that you only print when necessary--that way, you can go green without swearing off paper forever.

Here are three steps that will help make your printing cheaper, smarter, greener, and better!

What's So Important About Print Management?


In general, business solutions can be smart, effective, efficient, and budget-friendly, but you rarely run into one that can be considered "important." Believe it or not, with its incredible options for saving money, boosting security, and improving efficiency, that's exactly what print management can be called. Read on to find out why!

A Powerful Solution

Print management sounds like it's all about printers, but in truth, that's just the beginning. With a huge range of tools and solutions including better use of printer settings, stronger security protocols, user-friendly tools, and organizational improvements--print management is actually capable of making changes that benefit every corner of your company--not just the print environment.

Simple Solutions to Big Tech Trouble


No matter what machine you use to scan--a standalone scanner, a multifunction copier, you name it--the chances are high that you're eventually going to run into some tech trouble. Luckily, you don't have to call in backup for every issue. There are plenty of problems you can solve yourself--with a little explanation and the right know-how, of course!

Don't Panic

Scanning equipment is a pretty important part of every workflow, workday, and overall business--which means that any tech trouble here could spell big trouble just about everywhere. Luckily, there's no need to panic when your equipment acts up. Just stay calm, roll up your sleeves, and prepare to address some common issues with surprisingly simple solutions.

4 Factors in the Digitization Journey


Going paperless, or digitizing your workflows, is not something that happens overnight. It's more like a journey--and, like in any good adventure story, there are certain factors you're going to have to contend with. Luckily, if you arm yourself with all the right information, you'll be able to get to your destination quickly and easily--and maybe even enjoy the journey!

Important Factors

Before you start yourself on the path toward digital documents, you want to have the right tools, solutions, and information at your disposal. Being unprepared can cause all kinds of confusion and stress--not just for your employees, but also for your customers. Don't just jump in; instead, take your time and make sure you know what to expect before you tackle the task of taking your physical files into the digital world.

Print Solutions for Schools: Printing Issues That Wreck Your Budget

Teacher is checking student homework assignment and report on desk in school for score. Unfinished paperwork stacked in archive with color papers and paper clips. Education and business concept.

Organizations of all kinds are focused on protecting the budget, but that's especially true for schools, where every dollar represents an investment in education, inspiration, and the future of our world. Unfortunately, it's all too easy for some little printing problems to undermine all of that and wreck your budget. So today, we'll find out what they are (and which solutions are perfect for stopping them).

Printing Pains

Many schools don't realize just how expensive printing can be if it's not being managed properly--and that's part of the problem. For that reason, it's important to know what to look for. Here are a few printing pains that might be costing your school more money than you realize:

Top Benefits of Print Management


Print management has such a long list of benefits that it can be challenging to keep up with all of them. That's why we're taking a moment to highlight the top benefits of this great solution--so here are some of the greatest things you can expect from print management!

Big Benefits

Print management might focus on helping you take control of your software, machines, and workflows -- but that doesn't mean its benefits are limited to the print environment. This solution does so many great things for your company that it almost sounds too good to be true--but, luckily, it is true.

Let's take a look at the top benefits of print management!


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