4 Critical Secure Print Solutions

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If you're committed to security, don't overlook your print environment.

Threats can come in a variety of forms, and your printer is just as able to be hacked as your computer.

There are print solutions and document solutions that can help - from managed print to document management and more.

If you are looking to keep your business afloat without a major breach, read on.

Cut Your Risk!

To eliminate your risk of a printer issue, research a few ways that some businesses let security lapse.

1. Printer Security

Most multifunction printers have password protection, which will prevent documents from being left or inappropriately printed.

How Print Management Makes Education Easier

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Printing is an essential function of all education systems and academic facilities. While we can sometimes go paperless, in schools, paper is often necessary to get messages out and share assignments.

That means that print management can help your school save time and money on print costs. It's more costly than you think - print management can help you see the hidden costs, so you know how much money is going toward your print environment every day.

Print Management in Schools

Print management is an answer to tedious tasks and wasted time spent on broken printers or ordering supplies. Is it right for your operations? Read on!

Cut excessive spending

You can reduce money wasted on over ordering supplies, ordering the wrong quantities, wasted time waiting for printer repair, and printing too many pages or inappropriate printing.

How to Save Time and Create Space in Your Office

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Multifunction copiers can cover all your office operations faster than ever. You know that you can print, copy, scan, and fax documents.

One of the most underused features on your multifunction machine is probably your scanner.

Scanning can quickly make documents digital, so you can review them from your secure mobile device or email for opinions.

Also, scanning to email is faster, clearer, and more efficient than faxing.

Scanning and Document Management

Document scanning has been around for a while, but it used to be an involved process that we first used to make photos digital (remember?). Now, internal scanning software is used for every type of paper and material, and it can remove speckles, rotate, sharpen, and follow recognition and indexing prompts in larger scanning operations.

Scanning can focus on images, text, design, or other focuses.

6 Ways Document Management Protects Your Business Data

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The business world is a risky place these days. There are more potential threats and data loss problems than anyone could have imagined ten years ago.

You can't address everything, but you can set your business up to be digital, secure, and ahead of the issues. By taking some proactive actions, you may be able to avoid an attack or at least diminish the significant impacts of data loss.

Digital Office Security

One of the best ways to stay on top of office security is to invest in document management services for your business. This means your business goes digital, paperless, and all of the above. Your company is online. This may be a big jump for some, but the reality is that it's more secure, easier to fix problems, and possible to rebuild your business if a leak happens.

Here are the six top ways document management protects your business.

5 Benefits to Investing in Print Solutions

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Managing your entire print network can be time-consuming, expensive, and overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be.

Investing in managed print solutions is the best way to take the tedious tasks off your hands while saving money and improving productivity.

Print Solutions - The Basics

Print solutions are for everyone. Managed print is a service that outsources print tasks like supply ordering, maintenance management and requests, and print budgeting with a team of professionals, leaving you to focus on growing your business.

How Do They Help Me?

Print solutions have many benefits, as outlined below.

Evaluate the Risk of Not Investing in Print Management

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While we're often reminding people of the benefits of print management - ranging from cost savings to network protection - it might help understand the benefits by realizing what can happen to your print environment if you don't consider a comprehensive service.

You may have printers located across your network, which may be county, state, or nationwide. This is tough to handle for any office unless you use managed print services.

So, what can print management do for you...and what are the impacts of resisting the technology?

What is the risk?

Security - The risk of not having print management is highest in regards to safety. Confidential documents can be left on the printer, and employees may view client data or HR information, in addition to correspondence. Cut this risk with password protection and authorizations.

4 Big Benefits to Going Paperless


 Business owners may think that going digital is a big undertaking. Maybe you're considering the process but not sure that you need it, or that the benefits would outweigh the investment.

The truth is, a paperless office can benefit anyone, and starting at any business stage is even better - it can ease the growing pains of your business, once your digital workflow is already in place. Reducing your paperwork and improving efficiencies in your office will make your business grow smarter and faster, without any hiccups.

Introducing the Paperless Office

The paperless office can be your office! It's a good investment, and once you switch to digital, you'll never regret the decision. Here are the top four benefits of going paperless with document management.

Why Healthcare Organizations Need Document Management

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Healthcare is a constantly changing environment, and expenses can be exorbitant as regulations vary. Administrative costs alone for hospitals and healthcare clinics in the US account for over 25% of total costs.

While healthcare is a paper-heavy workplace, it doesn't need to be so expensive. The volume of paperwork involved with billing, coding, insurance, processing, and more means extra expenses, storage space, and supplies that may not be necessary - if there's a better way.

Luckily, document management is the better way for healthcare systems. Read on to learn how this service can help you.

Security with Online Materials

Let's cover this up front: document management is secure and complies with HIPAA and other confidentiality and compliance requirements. Privacy protections are better with digital document management, files can be authorized, locked, or invisible.

Print Solutions for Any Office

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Are you looking for ways to save some time or money in your business? Do you look at marketing materials for similar companies and wonder what could boost yours ahead of the competition?

Engaged business owners think like this, and we're here to give you answers and options. Below are a few printing solutions that you may not have considered before that can have a significant impact on your operations and outcomes.

Boost Your Business

First of all, consider how you want to grow. In which business avenues do you see room for improvement? How would you like your business to stand out?

With these critical questions answered, it's time to look into ways to be a cut above. Find the print solutions that work for your business and get in touch with a professional team to implement your new set up.

Print Management - Get Your Print Audit Set

Think for a moment about your office print environment. Do you know exactly how your money is spent? What is your budget, and is it right for your spending? How is print used in your office?

These questions may be stressful because many businesses don't know how much money goes toward office printing, and what it is used for.

This is because there may be a few different people managing print, and they may (or may not) communicate with each other.

When you put the entire problem together, it seems like a significant issue - and a major financial impact. The good news is a print audit, and print management can fix everything for you.


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