Print Solutions for Any Size Business

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You don't have to be a major corporation to recognize that print solutions should save you money, not cost you money. Small and medium sized businesses actually have more to benefit from for streamlining print solutions than any other organization. How? Read on to learn about the ways you can outsource print for cost savings, time efficiency, and office productivity.

Managed Print

Managed print is the top of the list for two reasons:

  1. Managed print will cut print costs to more reliable levels that you can manage, oversee, and adapt as necessary.

  2. Managed print will simplify your print environment so that you don't get weighed down with little tasks that don't build business.

How to Outsource Tasks that Take Manager's Time


Your managers' time is valuable, and it's essential as your business grows to revisit how they spend their time. With technological updates, new equipment, and changes to digital, it's hard to step back and let managers focus on the supervision and growth aspect of their job.

There are many ways to invest in time and money savings in your business, and in the tech realm, outsourcing is a great answer.

Best Ways to Save Money and Time

Outsourcing your tech solutions means that you don't need to waste time focusing on the little issues that come up every day. Here are some top tasks that you can outsource to stay focused on business growth and productivity.

How to Save on Storage in 2019

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Storage space is at a premium for most offices, with rents skyrocking in a crazy housing market. Commercial space is still a viable option, but it's hard to get all the space you need, especially if you are a growing company.

Instead of stressing about extra storage, storage units, or space that will only be used for passive needs, first of all, take a look back at your company and operational style. It's possible that you may not need all that space with a few key updates to a more current, digital operating system.

What does this mean? Investing in digital storage and organization solutions, like cloud storage and document management to provide all your business files at your fingertips without wasting any space on file cabinets.

Time to Get Organized

If you want to cut back on wasted space, it's time to get organized. Digital solutions offer everything you need - so how to get started?

Document Management Protects Business Assets

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Your document management system has a larger role in protecting business assets. Think about all the data encompassed in your system - you're not just keeping things digital, protected, and accessible, you're really ensuring that information is safe behind multiple layers of digital protection, instead of just floating out in the world as a hard copy.

What is document management?

If you're new to the concept of document management, let's back up. Document management is the process of going entirely digital - so uploading (scanning) your files, documents, contracts, and more and saving/storing them all in an easy to use and follow system. Then, the ongoing aspect of the process is to continue to maintain all files digitally. Also, your work operations will shift to digital as well, so you'll take signatures, process requests, and more without any hard copy papers.

5 Print Solutions You Should be Taking Advantage Of

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As your business looks ahead to a new year, it's time to think about print. It makes sense that it might not be top of mind for everyone, but it's worth considering your print environment, and how you can make improvements.

Why? Because there are opportunities to save big on print costs and improve productivity.

Staying on Top of Print Innovations

It's easy to stay on top of print innovations when you have a great vendor partner looking out for you - like the Polack Corporation.

Check out these print advancements to consider:

1. Print Management

Print management is the service that oversees maintenance, supply ordering, and provides a print audit and assessment. This makes managing your print budget easier than ever.

4 Reasons to Invest in Print Management for the New Year

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Finding your partner in print management is a bigger benefit to your business than you might realize. The main reason most businesses consider managed print is to reduce both measurable costs and also employee burdens while increasing productivity.

Resolve to Improve Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is a huge benefit of investing in print management. When you have a strategy for your print environment, you manage supply ordering, monitor usage, and evaluate costs and output. Most organizations save up to 30% on print expenses by switching to managed print, which totals an average of 1-3% annual revenue - a major shift in your budget.

How does print management help? Get the details:

3 Things to Know Before Going Digital

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Five years ago, a digital office was something of a wonder. Going entirely paperless seemed like a chore, and maybe not the best business investment for the future.

Fast forward to today, and that perception is entirely different. Today's offices that aren't investing in digital are falling behind while other companies have quick access to files, fast responses to customers, and real-time collaboration skills.

Do you feel like you missed the boat? Not yet! You can still invest in document management to adapt your office to go paperless, and it's easier than ever before.

The Paperless Office: How Going Digital Builds Your Business


Remember when paperwork and hard copy documents were the only way to run a business? When you left work, you left files in the office and it was put away until the next day? If you lost something, it was lost forever?

For better or worse, there's no going back to those days. Today's office doesn't operate with only hard copy papers anymore, and the most advanced offices are entirely digital. The paperless office of today is more convenient, more secure, and better functioning than the paper-heavy offices of the past.

Digital Advantage

The digital advantage spans many aspects of a business. Going digital is a big step toward working with clients more closely, and improving collaboration across teams. Also, communication is easier because every contract, file, or data point you might need is at your fingertips and you can access it at any time.

3 Print Solutions that Bump Your Business to the Top


Getting more competitive in your business isn’t a bad thing – it’s how you consistently evaluate your operations, productivity, innovation, and look for new answers that you haven’t thought about before.

For example, you might overlook the power of office devices in helping boost business. But why would you? Office equipment is often the secret to employee productivity, good habits, morale, and efficiency.

That might seem like a big definition, but it’s true. If you have top-notch office equipment that works, your employees can do their jobs faster, freer, and focused.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Time to establish the print solutions in your office that will make your business run more smoothly, increase employee productivity, and share your brand and story with the world. Ready to go? Here are three helpful print solutions to get you started.

Device Security Starts with Print Management

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Security is a major part of running a business. From network security to device passwords to building codes, you don’t let any aspect of your business down when it comes to protection and prevention of hacks, leaks, theft, or attacks.

When you’re building a secure business, it’s important that you focus on every possible issue. While many managers think about network security, they might forget print security. When thinking of physical office security, it’s possible to overlook some aspects of who is entering the building.

This is where outsourcing office solutions comes in handy. For example, print management is a service that outsources oversight of printing and the print environment, including maintenance and repairs, setting up a secure print environment, ordering supplies, and setting a print budget using print audit data.


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