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At The Polack Corporation, we recognize that different industries have different needs. If you are an insurance broker or a financial planner, your needs are likely very different than if you are a doctor or a dentist.

All business and organizations print documents at some level and access their documents online. However, the way you will want to access those documents can be as different as the way you take your businesses to marketing.

We love to apply technology to help you solve your business problems. Below is a sampling of the industries we serve. Take a peek at what we can do for you.


Insurance and Financial

The Polack Corporation offers workgroup scanning solutions for financial services and insurance companies. From the small insurance and financial businesses to large institutions, paper documents and forms are captured using scanners and routed via document management workflows.

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State and Local Government

Running a government, requires balancing many priorities. You have to effectively serve your constituents while staying under ever-tightening budgets. Moreover, you have to manage a mountain of sensitive data; not just keeping meticulous records to satisfy regulations, but also making sure that information is available to those who need it, anytime, anywhere.

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The amount of information produced and reviewed by a law office is staggering. Cases may require years of correspondence plus the massive amounts of paperwork generated during a case. We can help your firm more accurately track and bill for client-incurred costs such as scanning, printing, and copying and third party disbursements. We can even manage your printer fleet.

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Paper-based documents can plague ambulatory medical practices. Even as they adopt electronic medical record (EMR) systems, making paper-based documentation available electronically can be a challenge. Without an effective solution, medical practices will continue to have communication gaps within the practice, among clinicians in different locations, and between clinicians and patients.

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Real Estate

We are the source for all of your real estate technology requirements. We have the experience to implement and manage the office technology necessary to help you conduct your business efficiently and productively. This leaves your office staff and agents free to concentrate on more important sales related activities.

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Faith Based Services

While technology continues to advance and electronic communication is the trend, the need for printing, copying, and creating communication pieces isn't slowing down. Choosing the right technology gives your organization superior quality printing with multiple finishing options and mobile printing applications. We don't stop there, we also have scanning, faxing, electronic document management options all from one device.

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Don't see your industry?

At The Polack Corporation, we have solutions that can help meet the needs of just about every type of business or organization. Try us on for size. Let us help you apply technology to solve your business problems in a way that is uniquely qualified for you.