Faith Based Services

Man, woman and children standing in church

For 86 years The Polack Corporation has followed the same values found in all religious organizations; be respectful, honest, and help when you can.

At The Polack Corporation, we take great pride in the fact that we are the leader in faith-based services in mid-Michigan having served thousands of religious organizations.

While technology continues to advance and electronic communication is the trend, the need for printing, copying, and creating communication pieces isn't slowing down. Choosing the right technology gives your organization superior quality printing with multiple finishing options and mobile printing applications. We don't stop there, we also have scanning, faxing, electronic document management options all from one device.

Copiers and Printers

Every organization has different document needs, this is why The Polack Corporation carries a full selection of the most respected brands of multifunctional printers, copiers, and equipment, including digital duplicators and production print devices.

Whether space is at a premium and you need an all-in-one print machine, or you need tools to create high-quality, high-volume print pieces, The Polack Corporation can help. From bulletins to newsletters, donation requests, postcards, letterhead, posters, brochures and more, The Polack Corporation can help you find the best solutions to create your in-house marketing materials that meet your budget.

Ministry Resource Logo

The Polack Corporation and its equipment offering is a proud member of Ministry Resource. Ministry Resource has been serving churches, ministries, schools, and faith based non-profits since 1987. Being a part of this organization has allowed us to interact with other business throughout the country that serve your communities and use that information to help our local customers maximize their investments in copiers and printers.

At The Polack Corporation we have Account Managers who only serve faith-based entities, this allows us to give 100% attention to needs of our faith based partners. Having someone in your corner that works with only with faith based entities we feel is a huge asset to our customers. Our experience makes sure you are truly purchasing what you need to spread your message to your members.

See how we can help you apply technology to solve your ever-growing faith-based needs!