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Our Patient Chart Scanning Solutions are a standards-based interoperable healthcare software solution for capturing paper-based documents and integrating them into your EMR. This can help your medical practice realize:

  • Enhanced caregiver collaboration
  • Streamlined document management
  • Improved patient data capture and efficiency
  • Improved access to critical clinical data
  • Reduced chart storage space requirements

The Business Challenge

Paper-based documents can plague ambulatory medical practices. Even as they adopt electronic medical record (EMR) systems, making paper-based documentation available electronically can be a challenge. Without an effective solution, medical practices will continue to have communication gaps within the practice, among clinicians in different locations, and between clinicians and patients.

Are your paper-driven processes slowing down workflow or contributing to inaccurate data use?

The limitations of paper charts and the inability to access and update information can adversely affect quality of care. We offer a complete scanning workflow solution for capturing patient charts, loose filing and importing faxes into a patient directory structure or directly to the EMR. Paper-based processes become a thing of the past, improving speed, accuracy and care delivery.

Is your practice pursuing meaningful use incentives?

Are you monitoring regulatory requirements and/or ensuring achievement of meaningful use? Integrating paper with Electronic Medical Records is an important step in meeting compliance and information security requirements. Our digital scanning technology makes it easy to file, search, retrieve and disseminate documents in the EMR, supporting both your regulatory and MU achievement goals.

Are your paper-based clinical charts hurting billing or revenue collection?

Our Patient Chart Scanning Solutions address the inefficiencies, and clinical and financial ramifications, related to paper-centric clinical records along with the associated time-consuming bottlenecks. As a result, you can improve billing and revenue collection.

It's time to see how The Polack Corporation can help you apply technology to solve your medical documentation and workflow needs.