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At The Polack Corporation we know the practice of law involves information, much of it on paper. The amount of information produced and reviewed by a law office is staggering. Cases may require years of correspondence plus the massive amounts of paperwork generated during a case. Although much of the communication between lawyers and their clients, opposing counsel, and other party's counsel have moved from fax and paper to email, law firms are still looking for ways to apply technology to help improve workflow and paper-based processes.

The Business Challenge

It may be difficult for your firm to keep up with evolving information technology. First, you relied on paper and faxing. Then you moved to paper and email. Now you're living in a world of paper, email, scanning and electronic workflows. But that's not all; you also have to deal with time and billing software, mobile devices, e-discovery capabilities and cost recovery models. Managing it all is daunting and takes you away from your core focus practicing law.

Are you getting the full benefit of your scanning technology?

We can help you streamline your scanning workflow so that documents are sent directly to your document management system (DMS) or electronic workflow. Once your information is converted to a digital format, it will empower your firm to efficiently share and distribute to interested parties. You can also automatically prepare documents for Electronic Court Filing by parsing the files and converting them to the required format.

Are you able to access your digital files cost effectively and when you need them?

We can show you how to store digital documents in an electronic repository, eliminating the need and costs associated with storage and retrieval of off-site paper documents. Ricoh can also provide the services to scan documents that are in file boxes or in storage. This will help to save you time, money, and labor.

Are you able to track your costs and client billing most effectively?

We can help your firm more accurately track and bill for client-incurred costs such as scanning, printing, and copying and third party disbursements. We can even manage your printer fleet.

To see how we can help apply technology to solve your everyday legal challenges.