State and Local Government

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Running a government, requires balancing many priorities. You have to effectively serve your constituents while staying under ever-tightening budgets. Moreover, you have to manage a mountain of sensitive data; not just keeping meticulous records to satisfy regulations, but also making sure that information is available to those who need it, anytime, anywhere.

It's a tall task. But with our help, the wheels of your government can turn as smoothly as possible. At The Polack Corporation we help you do more for your constituents while keeping your budget in line.

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees, But Savings Can

Accidental or unnecessary print jobs waste paper, wasting both money and trees. Jump start your sustainability initiatives and please your accounting department — by switching to paper-conserving print rules, like enforced duplex, and digitizing your documents.

Collaborate at the Speed of Data

Document digitization opens a lot of doors for you. You're not just saving paper and print materials — you're also saving time.

Digital documents are easier to search, store, share, and access on-the-go than their physical counterparts. It's easier for your employees to work together on projects, find documents quickly, and keep the workflow moving.

Cut Your Budget; Don't Bleed It

You may have already enforced duplex printing, digitized your documents, and encourage your employees to print only when necessary. Those are great steps to take. We can show you new ways to work, overhauling or simply augmenting your print operations, mailroom, file storage, and methods of collaboration and review.

Go With Government Experience

The Polack Corporation has been helping government offices do their work for decades. We understand your particular needs and how to address them. Our expertise draws on a long history of successful solutions for virtually any challenge you have.

Our Featured Solutions:

Print Management Solutions for State and County/Local Government

Boost efficiency while saving your budget.

  • Manage print, scan, copy and fax capabilities.
  • Boost efficiency, eliminate waste.
  • Analyze print usage and manage accordingly.
  • Accurately bill back for usage.

Digitization Solutions for Federal Government.

Digitize, streamline, meet your mandates.

  • Convert existing and new files to digital
  • Optimize your information and boost efficiency.
  • Give employees anytime, anywhere data access.
  • Lower costs around information management.

Document & Data Safeguard Solution for State & Local Government.

Workflow and information solutions for the public sphere.

  • Digitize documents from almost any source.
  • Boost productivity with automated workflows.
  • Enjoy anytime, anywhere, any device information access.
  • Reduce your need for paper-based resources.

Document Output Security for County Government.

Convenient Printing Without Compromising Security.

  • Protect your physical documents.
  • Protect your data flow from attacks.
  • Save money, cut down on waste.
  • Support regulatory compliance.

Document and Data Safeguard for Courts.

Leverage and Transform Your Legal Information.

  • Capture, scan and route your documents.
  • Help safeguard personal or sensitive court data.
  • Digitize and preserve your legacy files.
  • Cut costs and comply with regulations.

Device, Document & Data Safeguard Solutions for Federal Government.

Information Mobility Meets Information Security.

  • Help safeguard personal, classified and confidential data.
  • Boost security while accommodating information mobility.
  • Protect data at all stages of use, storage and transmission.
  • Better meet your federal mandates for security.

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