Minimize Risks - Enhance Security

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It's no surprise that we live in a world with increased security threats. It seems that every other week a large corporation's data is compromised and millions of users' data is in the hands of criminals.

The reality is, if your company is small to medium size, these large scale breaches and risks are not as likely to have a direct impact on your day-to-day operations. You might even find that most security issues you face are things that you wouldn't typically consider. Sometimes the most basic of security challenges can pose unknown costs.

Consider these areas that might actually affect you:

  • Unauthorized printing of sensitive or costly documents.
  • Security of proprietary company information.
  • Protecting the integrity of workflows.
  • Protecting basic client information.
  • Regulatory compliance (e.g. HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley).

There may be many other areas where providing a greater level of security in your document management can help you. The Polack Corporation knows how to apply technology to solve these business problems.

Some Options to Consider

As you think about the risks you might face, we can likely help you solve them. Consider the following:

ID Card Authentication

If you are looking for a greater level of security than a simple PIN for the copier, an ID card might be the way to go. You can allow users to authenticate to print, copy, or even scan. ID cards can help you improve security and workflow efficiency while also protecting confidential documents.

Document Management

You may not typically consider the way you store your documents as a security risk. As you move your documents to the electronic space or even to the cloud, you have new risks to consider. As helpful as document management software can be, we have to consider the implication on all areas of your business. These risks can be as simple as employee HR files or as complicated as financial and healthcare information.

Document Capture

While scanning can be controlled with ID cards for authorization and a document management system for storing, you might find you have greater security requirements. You might need to consider how a document is scanned and distributed based on the various roles of your staff. You might need to control email distribution, scan-to-print options, or even where that document is simply stored.

That's Not All

It's impossible for us to discuss all the security implications on a webpage, suffice it to say that The Polack Corporation likely has a solution to help you mitigate your risks. Our goal is to apply technology to solve your business problems.

Let us know how we can help you.