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At The Polack Corporation, we believe in applying technology to solve your business problems. We know that can be a tall order. Afterall, you might not even necessarily know the business problems you have.

That's where we come in.

We can help you understand your current technological environment, help you define your goals, and then help you create a plan to be on the road to increased efficiency and productivity. Our most common technology solutions fall into one of four categories: document capture & scanning, electronic document management, workflow automation, and print management.

Document Capture and Scanning

If you've been in business for longer than a day, you likely have paper in your office. Maybe you are okay with filing cabinets of paper that you refer to. But, maybe you have learned that you want those available to you on your computer, or, even better, remotely.

Whether you'd like to have simple scanning capabilities or would like to have a complete backfile conversion of years worth of paper (or even non-paper) documents, The Polack Corporation can help.

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Electronic Document Management

What good is an electronic document if you can't quickly and easily access it. If you've never used an electronic document management system (EDMS) you might simply be accustomed to accessing documents on your computer in a shared hard drive in a basic, traditional file folder structure.

When you have years worth of documents, you might need something more robust than a simple file and folder structure to find data. You might need to search on elements within the files. You might even need to organize those documents by a variety of key points of data. It might be time to consider something to help get you to the next level of document management.

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Workflow Automation

After you have converted your paper documents to electronic documents and after you have built a system that allows you to access those documents easily from anywhere in the world, it's time to think about truly increasing your productivity.

The world has been shifting to a paperless office for decades now. While we aren't there yet, and may not be there for many years to come, the new shift is to the remote workforce. It's no longer practical to use paper processes to drive your business. It is also no longer practical to manually do things that can be automated. You might find that The Polack Corporation's approach to workflow automation can not only save you time and money but also free up important resources.

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Print Management

Documents have an interesting lifecycle. We want our printed documents scanned to be electronic documents. We then want our electronic documents printed to be paper documents. It's just the reality of the world we live in. Having a complete technological solution to this document lifecycle requires managing printing.

The Polack Corporation can help you manage your print costs through our print management offerings. Not only can we help you create enforceable policies for how your staff prints (e.g. forcing black & white printing or forcing double sided) and who on your staff can print color but we can also help you create a printing workflow that allows you to keep better control over your entire printing environment.

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Applying Technology to Solve Your Business Problems

A solution is only a solution if it helps you solve a real problem. We don't want you to spend hours sifting through options with the hope you'll stumble up something that might help you. Let us help you understand your real challenges. Let us help you apply technology to solve your business problems.

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The future of enterprise content management is here. M-Files and the Intelligent Metadata Layer delivers a simple, unified experience for intelligently finding, accessing and managing information residing within any system, without disturbing existing processes and the users that depend on them. 

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