Print Management

Business man clicking printer icon

Isn't it about time you were back in control of printing?

There are many indicators that your organization is ready to use print management software. Does your heart sink when you look at the paper recycling bin? If so, there are ways to effectively reduce print waste and enhance productivity. Are you concerned about information security or privacy? If so, there are secure ways to authenticate and release documents. Do you cringe when you receive toner or copy cost invoices? If so, there are automated ways to reduce print spend and allocate costs to users, departments or clients.

If you have any concerns about printing costs, security or sustainability, then The Polack Corporation's range of print management solutions will help your organization save money, become more secure and compliant, and reduce waste. Let us show you how.

How We Can Help

  • Track output from all connected printers and multifunction copiers.
  • Generate the information you need to accurately charge-back all print and copy costs.
  • Provide "follow-me" printing that only released documents for output afters users authenticate at the device.
  • Let users print from one location and then pick them up at another.
  • Discourage waste and color printing abuse by enforcing rules for output.

Our Solutions give you:

  • Print security - control and convenience.
  • Print cost savings and waste reduction.
  • Print reporting and optimization.
  • print cost recovery and accounting.

Let's help you solve your business problems through technology.