Workflow Automation

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After you have converted your paper documents to electronic documents and after you have built a system that allows you to access those documents easily from anywhere in the world, it's time to think about truly increasing your productivity.

The world has been shifting to a paperless office for decades now. While we aren't there yet, and may not be there for many years to come, the business is now shifting to the remote workforce. It's no longer practical to use paper processes to drive your business. It is also no longer practical to manually do things that can be automated. You might find that The Polack Corporation's approach to workflow automation can not only save you time and money but also free up important resources.

It's Time For You To Move Beyond Paper

You can't truly be paperless in your organization without creating digital workflows for the way you work. Consider these statistics:

  • 1/3 of organizations have seen a decrease in approval cycles through workflow automation.
  • Nearly half of organizations who have seen improvements, found they came from organizational agility and routing between processes.
  • 41% of businesses have seen an ROI in less than a year from improving their workflows through automation.

(Source: AIIM)

When you are ready to move beyond paper and ready to automate processes, we can help you in two very important ways:

Map Your Processes

Before you can improve anything, you have to understand how it works. Our team can help you understand all the steps involved in your process. We can help you create the necessary documentation so your processes are clear.

Identify Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks are prime areas for automation. Sometimes it's a simple as inserting a software solution to take over manually repetitive steps. Sometimes we might need to help you redesign your processes to become more efficient. Either way, your bottlenecks are your best opportunities for improvement and have the potential to create happy employees and customers.

Better Processes Equal Greater Customer Satisfaction

The single largest benefit to improving your processes is it allows you to increase customer satisfaction. 72% of businesses indicate that improving their business processes could help increase their customer satisfaction level and brand value. (source: Adobe) Think of your last bad experience shopping or eating out. How did that affect your desire to do more business with that company? Your customers are no different. They want to be treated well.

But, how does creating a better process, or even automating your workflow, help increase customer satisfaction? Sometimes it can come in simple ways like making the signature process for documentation easier for you and your customers. Sometimes an complete overhaul of your process can create a faster order to fulfillment timeline.

When your customers see that you are actively working to improve how you do business, they will want to do more business with you.

To Automate or Not To Automate

The most important thing about workflow automation is to never automate something that doesn't work manually. If your business process is bad, you don't want to make that a permanent, automated process. The goal of workflow automation is to make your processes better and not to automate a problem.

See how The Polack Corporation can help you apply technology to solve your business problems today.