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Document Management for Architects


Architecture is a busy, fast-paced industry, which means architects need business solutions that can keep up. Does document management fit the bill? Let's find out!

Why Document Management?

When most people think about architecture, their minds jump to real-world structures--buildings, bridges, and other fascinating creations. They don't often think about all the paper that goes into making those creations a reality. Documents, blueprints, notes, and more all need to be categorized and organized before a job can even be started, let alone completed--and that's where document management comes in.

In the architecture industry, document management can:

  • keep everyone on the same page, literally and figuratively, to help strengthen collaboration and streamline communication;

Before You Implement Document Management Solutions


The great thing about document management is that it's intuitive--meaning you don't have to do a lot of prep work to see success. Instead, it fits in with your existing workflow and makes gradual but powerful changes, all with such smoothness that you'll never miss the way you used to do things. However, before you get started, there are some things you can do to take your document management benefits even further.

Getting Prepared

The most important thing to remember about document management is that it's supposed to be simple, stress-free, and efficient. It should eliminate worry, not cause more. That's why it can sometimes be helpful to do a little "prep work" and get your company ready for all the effective, user-friendly tools, changes, and solutions.

Here are a few ways to get ready for document management!

A Smart Way to Go Green


Are you looking for a way to go green and save green at the same time? Thinking that sustainability solutions will create a lot of work and leave you with nothing to show for it? Worry no more--document management is here to save the day (and Mother Earth along the way)!

Why Document Management?

There are a lot of "green" solutions out there in the business world, so you have all kinds of options when it comes to reducing your impact on the environment. But how many of those solutions offer environmental friendliness and boosts in security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness all at the same time?

How to Create a Document Management Strategy


Document management is an active solution, which means it needs a little help from you to achieve its full potential. Luckily, that's where a document management strategy comes in--so let's find out how to create one (and stick to it, too)!

What is a Document Management Strategy?

A document management strategy is, essentially, your road map through all the tools, options, and choices that come with this powerful solution. The truth is that document management looks a little different for each company, so you'll want a personalized, flexible plan to help keep your goals in perspective. After all, with so many new tools at your disposal, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. It's best to roll up your sleeves and do a little bit of homework beforehand.

Getting Started

Here are a few simple steps to creating your document management strategy!

What Your Document Management Provider Needs to Know


Document management is a powerful, efficient, and productive solution--but to be successful, it needs a little help from you. Here are a few things you'll want to communicate with a document management provider!

Strong Communication

Think of it this way: before you can improve communication in your business by implementing document management, you need to practice--namely, by telling your managed services provides exactly what you expect, what your challenges are, and what your company looks like inside and out. If you skip this step, you'll end up with "one size fits all" solutions that don't necessarily address your needs or fit with your workflows--so take the time to communicate!

Here are a few things to share with your document management provider:

Document Management On the Go


Document management is an excellent solution at the office, but can it be just as useful for field workers or work travel? Here's everything you need to know about document management on the go!

Solutions in the Palm of Your Hand

Perhaps one of the best things about document management is that it's almost limitless. No matter what you need, what your restrictions are, how big your company is, or what industry you're in, document management can adapt, address, and solve.

What's even better is that document management also isn't limited by location. This means that, with devices and software you already have, you can take document management with you wherever you go--solutions waiting right in the palm of your hand.

Here's what you need to know!

4 Factors in the Digitization Journey


Going paperless, or digitizing your workflows, is not something that happens overnight. It's more like a journey--and, like in any good adventure story, there are certain factors you're going to have to contend with. Luckily, if you arm yourself with all the right information, you'll be able to get to your destination quickly and easily--and maybe even enjoy the journey!

Important Factors

Before you start yourself on the path toward digital documents, you want to have the right tools, solutions, and information at your disposal. Being unprepared can cause all kinds of confusion and stress--not just for your employees, but also for your customers. Don't just jump in; instead, take your time and make sure you know what to expect before you tackle the task of taking your physical files into the digital world.

What Does Document Management Actually Do?

document management

By now, you've probably heard plenty of great things about document management. That it improves communication, minimizes waste, improves efficiency, and protects your data both online and offline. However, do you know how it does all of this and more? Let's find out!

The Secret to Document Management

If there's one "secret" that makes document management so efficient, effective, and powerful, it's you. That's right--document management relies on personalized approaches to help address workflow weaknesses and boost security throughout your company. Which means that you're in charge of deciding what feels right and what doesn't. Other solutions might get the job done, but document management completely revolutionizes your relationship with data, putting you back in the driver's seat (without any of the stress).


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