Problems We Solve

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

At The Polack Corporation we recognize that when you reduce your carbon footprint you become less wasteful and more energy efficient. This not only is good for the planet but for your pocketbook as well.

If you look around your office right now, you'll see areas where you could be more green. While some options like turning off the lights may not be practical, there are many ways we can help you use technology to become more energy efficient.

Minimize Risks - Enhance Security

It's no surprise that we live in a world with increased security threats. It seems that every other week a large corporation's data is compromised and millions of users' data is in the hands of criminals.

The reality is, if your company is small to medium size, these large scale breaches and risks are not as likely to have a direct impact on your day-to-day operations. You might even find that most security issues you face are things that you wouldn't typically consider. Sometimes the most basic of security challenges can pose unknown costs.

Streamline Workflows

The paperless office has felt a bit like a pipe dream for more than three decades. So many have tried to make it a reality for so long. In fact, here are some fascinating statistics about the challenges business face with paper documents:

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

It costs a lot of money to run a business. We understand. The Polack Corporation has been at it for 86 years. We also know that when we apply technology to solve your business problems you win.

You might be surprised how something as simple as a document can be so expensive for your company. Here are some amazing statistics from Gartner:

Problems We Solve

At The Polack Corporation, our focus is to apply technology to solve your business problems. For 86 years, The Polack Corporation has helped businesses of all sizes become more efficient with technology.

We have four main areas where we help you solve your business problems: eliminate unnecessary expenses, streamline workflows, minimize your risks & enhance security, reduce your carbon footprint.

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